Chasing Secrets

Chasing Secrets

Thus begins the team’s undertaking. To steal a precious item one needs information. To steal the largest and most advanced ship in the Royal Navy, and do so out from under one of the most populous cities in the kingdom, will take a great deal more than simple information. The characters begin by breaking into groups, chasing multiple angles in order to give themselves the best possible chance of success.

A morning summons brought the group from The Lumpy Camel to Brewing Storm, and a short meeting with Eva Aurellia. She introduced them to the last member of their company, Míradan, a half-elven bard. She also supplied them with a letter of credit to be drawn on an account at the Band of Corness and a letter of introduction to her mentor at the College, Head Techno-Mage Boddve. After a long session of haggling at Carusso’s Fine Goods and High Street Smith the would-be ship thieves broke into two groups.

Rat Jack, Tom and Miradan took themselves to the docks, spreading rumors of disease and beginning a plan that involves prostitutes somehow. Afterward the group continued on to the Arcanis Research College to meet with Boddve. Her tour of the grounds eventually brought them to the Vaults. While Miradan and Tom investigated an orb which held the power to make things disappear, Rat Jack found a secret way in and out of the vaults.

August and Charles proceeded to Three Fountains, where they hosted Fleet Commander Gavin Vance. The pair spent the afternoon conversing with Vance, and in Charles’ case, lying through their teeth. In the end they received a promise of a tour of the commander’s newest ship, with a possibility of being hired on the crew.

That evening was spent at The Golden Brew, so as to not miss Vance’s letter. There Bishop caught up with the group, bringing both good and bad news. The good: the Baron had chosen to provide an expert on ships, a half-elf name Willy, so that the group would have information and expertise they had been sorely lacking. The bad: No more funds would be provided until the Baron received a plan and saw progress being made. The party was also warned against spreading the Baron’s name around. They had already said too much as it was.

After much deliberation the group decided to arrive together at the docks the next day and pose as two parties, one invited and one of ship-builders looking to inspect the vessel. They successfully found their way on the ship together and received a tour of the ship. They learned many things, including that the ship requires ~200 people to crew, that 50 of that number was simply for oarsmen, and that the King himself would be arriving within a week for the launch of the vessel.

Additionally, Miradan discovered that the visitors badges the team had been given were passes to allow people in and out of doors on the ship. Rat Jack managed to throw himself overboard and sneak his badge off the ship. Bishop flirted his way into keeping his badge and the team managed to secure one more (I don’t remember who it was…anyone want to send me a message if they remember?).

Bishop found the door to the mid-deck sealed with glyphs that were later discovered to have matched Vance’s custom sword – itself a gift from the King. Miradan also talked a sailor into admitting that only two people have access to the mid-deck; Vance and possibly the King himself.

The group made their way back to the Lumpy Camel for their noon meal, and to continue to plan. Would they kidnap the king? Kill or otherwise incapacitate Vance? Quit adventuring and go into the prostitution business with Rat Jack?

Chasing Secrets

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